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dockswapicon.gifI stumbled DockSwap while I was trying to find a way to save valuable Dock space as my applications kept growing. This application allows the creation of multiple docks and easy switching between them with the optional menu item. The free download isn't too bad and allows you to create three "docks" to play with letting you experience what Dock Swap really does without spending the money to purchase a license outright.


One of the cool features I like about Dock Swap is that, unlike other dock duplicating programs, DockSwap actually saves individual preferences for each of the docks you create. So, switch from your Internet Development dock which is hidden on the bottom of your screen to your Video Editing dock which is on the right side of the screen with a genie effect for your minimization as well as magnification of the icons!


I have used Dockswap with Panther and Tiger and had minimal problems. One of the minor bugs which I must note is if you decide to stop using DockSwap be sure to delete all docks out of the application to get back to your original OS X dock. If you don't then you may log into you computer one day to find that your dock appears to be reset to the OS X default.


Otherwise DockSwap is a great product form piDog software, www.pidog.com. If you decide to purchace DockSwap you can do so via the web for a donation of your choosing!! (Big plus!!) Just enter the amount you feel DockSwap is worth to you and then you will get your license key via Email in just a few hours.


So what are you waiting for? If you are a developer or are just plain running out of dock space then check DockSwap out for yourself today!



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