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60GB ipod frustrations

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Hi everyone,

Long-time Mac Geek here...


I bought my 60GB ipod in August and have been utterly frustrated with several things since then. I am debating now whether to take it back and have it replaced or just see if there is a 'fix' for the issues, so I thought I would toss them out to you...


My ipod needs to be constantly reset (hold down top and center simultaneously for about 15 seconds). It goes dead repeatedly after it has been fully charged, which a genius at the MAC store told me is a common issue. This always happens when I put it in pause or shut it off and then come back to it an hour later...DEAD! It also seems to go dead now when I pause the ipod while listening to a podcast. I return to the ipod an hour later...DEAD. The apple care people tell me there's nothing more I can do (I did a complete restore of the ipod and my 8000 songs, which took FOREVER; I have tried not to charge it fully to avoid the first issue)


To top it off, sometimes when it's dead and I am able to reset it, all my playlists, albums, photos, etc are BLANK! Then when I synch it with the computer, it all suddenly appears (without having to download them all again). This is frustrating, since I spend a lot of time on the road, and then I don't have use of my ipod until I get home to plug it in.


Has anyone had similar issues, or should I just return it while I can and get another one?


Thanks so much!

Kathleen in Connecticut


(5 Macs & a 60GB ipod in the house)

Synching the ipod via USB with a 933Mhz g4 powermac tower, 512 memory, OS 10.2.8, itunes 6, 2 harddrives (120Gb and 80GB)

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I don't think any of this is normal behavior, no matter what the genius or AppleCare have told you. The only issue I know that affects some of us is with pausing Podcasts: sometimes this happens to me on my 4G 20GB black & white. But I've always been able reset it without loss of anything. I would demand a replacement or repair, as something's not correct.

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I also bought a 60Gb iPod in August, but haven't experienced any of the problems you've detailed.


So far I've had it syncing with Windows XP, Panther and Tiger - no problems at all.


The iPod has only reset itself once, and that was a day after I bought it, since then it's been fine. I've experienced no unexpected issues with battery life or playlists, either.


The only problem I experienced was with syncing (using Firewire) after I upgraded to Tiger. iTunes beachballed and took a long time to update the iPod. I fixed this by restarting from CD and doing a repair permissions, after this no beachball and a much quicker update.


Anyone who is experiencing the kind of problems you've detailed should definitely demand a replacement or repair.

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I was having this problem wiht a 4th gen 30 I had and I replaced the interanal software using ipod updater and that took care of it.


Might want to give that a try if you haven't alreay.


Just got a 60Gig Black Video and we will see what happens.

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Actually I too have been having trouble with my 60GB iPod 4th Gen.


The issue with the iPod locking up is quite a common one, though Apple appear to be ignoring it (or at least their tech support guys don't know it or acknowledge it). It has been discussed in other threads on this forum and Adam has raised it on the Maccast. It's simply this: enhanced podcasts. With my 60GB iPod, if I play an enhanced podcast (which is an AAC with bookmarks), if I manually put the ipod to sleep by holding the play key, or if I just leave it and it goes to sleep by itself, it won't switch on again. I have to reset the iPod, which loses the bookmark. Very annoying, but repeatable. The solution: get the non-enhanced maccast and avoid similar podcasts (Inside Mac on a Saturday also exhibits this problem for example).


Regarding music just disappearing, yep, I've had that too. Once with the iPod Mac formatted and a second time about a week later when it was DOS formatted. I sent it off to Apple under the 1st year warranty and after about 10 days they sent it back unchanged. They couldn't reproduce the problem. It hasn't done it again since I've had it back (about 3 weeks now) so fingers crossed (though I still don't know what caused it). One thing I did think was that it might be something to do with using my in-car charger, though that's just a hunch.


Finally, the other problem I had was after upgrading to 10.4.3 yesterday. iTunes 6.0.1 refused to update the iPod claiming it couldn't read from or write to it. Disk Utility found and fixed a problem with the iPod filesystem though, so that might be coincidental with the OS X upgrade. After a few more tries it eventually synced with iTunes fine and now seems to be working.


Hope that helps someone.





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