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Garage Band recording drop outs

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Hi all,


Got a problem with Garage Band 2.0.2 here. When I'm recording (which I do through an M-Audio Firewire Solo) after a short time, the sound from GB will cut out. The program will keep recording, but the sound on the computer will cut out after an audible "blip" noise. This has just started happening in the last week, but not only that its started happening to a friend of mine with a brand new mac, and I've even seen some posts about this on Apple's forums. So far....no answer. My computer is fully up to date and I've installed nothing at all onto my machine for it to start doing this.


Can anyone help? I cant podcast again until I can sort this problem. I feel even worse for my friend who switched to a mac to use GB after I told him it was problem free! I look a bit daft now.


Thanks for your help.

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Hi Richard,


I'm sorry to hear that you are having trouble with Garageband but believe me, you did the right thing in reccomending it to your friend. I'm afraid I can't be a great deal of help here except to say to try the usual quick fixes:


Restart your machine if you never do

Repair Permissions


What Mac are you running and what are it's specs? If you have huge audio edits in Garageband then a mere 800Mhz 256Mb model of iBook isn't going to cut it and will have to save resources. Just a thought, good luck with solving your problem.

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Sorry, I should have mentioned before...


I'm running a Dual 2.0GHz G5 Power Mac with 1GB RAM.


Unfortunately Ive also tried all the normal things

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