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Convert DVD's for iPod with Video

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A lot of you may already be "in the know" on this software, if not, there is a great piece of free software for the mac that will convert your DVD's directly into MPEG-4 or H.264 which you can then drag right into iTunes and use on your iPod. The software is called "Handbrake" and it is available from "http://handbrake.m0k.org/". It is extremely easy to use, the only real work you have to do is open Handbrake, insert the DVD and specify how large you want the resulting file to be. I've found 1GB per movie perfectly acceptable in H.264, but ofcourse opinions vary and you can play with it to find the perfect setting. You can also scale the movie to the correct proportions for the iPod right from within Handbrake and if you don't like setting a flat 1GB per file, you can set a bitrate which will make the quality of all movies constant and have the file sizes vary only by movie length or even use 2-pass encoding which takes a bit more time but will end up with a higher quality and smaller movie then the standard 1-pass encoding. Great piece of software, highly recommend, this software is a good portion of my saving money for a new Intel PowerMac (whenever they may be available).

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