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I took the plunge !

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my Switcher story.


I've been using computers for a very long time, I go back to the days before windows 3.11,


In the main I was happy to sail along with windows, that was until I bought my last expensive windows machine.


From day one there where problems to cut a long story short ended up needing a new motherboard and card reader and still windows XP would crash hang, let alone all those crazy time consuming updates using the IE browser which we all know have issues.


I got sick and tired of the constant updates hangs and crashes. formatting was the name of the game.


Often I would peek at the apple site to see what all the fuss was about, I was slowly going over the Idea to buy a mac , however at the time the price was off putting.


However I hard about the mac mini, my friend Victor had just switched over to the mac and he told me about his experiences working with the mac mini.


With baited breath I took the plunge and ordered a 1GB mac mini from Ireland, it seemed like for ever before the Mac arrived at my home in Germany.


Straight away I started my mac , At first I thought " here we go plug and pray" however I was soon to be proved wrong the install and setup went like a dream, the mac even "saw" my Wireless connection, within minutes I was a mac user


Setting up my windows machine to work via my USB wireless adaptor was like a nightmare.


The only down side was that my windows experience was getting in the way of using my mac I kept on trying to do things the" windows way!" In the end though I have learnt to do things the mac way.


One of the main things I notice mac users bend over backwards to help each other something that was missing in the Windows world, I think people where too stressed out with their broken windows machines and didn't have the time to help others !


So... here i am... a mac switcher, !


By the way my Windows machine finally gave up the ghost and has been retired on ill heath grounds



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Great story. Welcome to the community.


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