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Combo Q: new iPods, Pcasting, Ext. HD, Win/Mac

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OK, this question is a little detailed and complex, but if anyone has any considered thoughts, I'd sure appreciate them.


(And I apologize for posting it on both the iPod and Hardward stuff forums, but it spans both) :oops:


So....I grabbed the Student Union deal to break into the MacWorld with an iBook and 60 GB iPod (large music/photo collection).


But also intend to start a regular podcast (and/or a vidcast), and had become resigned to needing to buy a second device (Sony Minidisc or Eridol SR1) to record CD-quality audio on the go.


NOW Apple's released the 5G model which is basically (once the software and mic input options become clearer) a podcast recording studio without needing a second device with me.


And I'd still rather only deal with one device. So.... ...considering putting the old (new) iPod up on eBay and then buying the new with the diff.


But then I have this OTHER issue. I'm buying a new external hard drive to back up my 200 GB's of data files on my Windows PC, and that drive cannot be partitioned so that I can ALSO use it to back up my Mac. In other words you can't have an HFS section on a drive for the Mac and an NTFS section for the PC.


I thought of mirroring my Mac data files into a folder, since there's far fewer of them, but, THAT would require formatting the drive as FAT 32. And you can't back up files bigger than 4GB on a FAT 32 drive with Retrospect.


So THEN I decided I needed TWO external HD's. And THEN realized I already had a second one -- my new (old) iPod. Kind of an expensive 60 GB ext HD, but also a back up iPod in a pinch.


Any comments on the best/most cost effective ways to get the backup I need and the new (new) iPod I HAVE to have??



And specifically, if I enable the iPod for hard drive use on the iBook can I ALSO use PART of it as a regular iPod photo at the same time??


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The new iPods will allow CD quality recording?


yes, 44.1 sampling rate, althought i havnt seen a bit rate yet.


Bigpics, as far as your HD problem, im not completely familiar with PC backup (or exactly what type of backup you are using), but i have used my HD on both PC and Mac. Its mac formatted, and i have a PC program called macdrive. its pretty cheap and allows me to drag and drop from my PC.


Now, if for some reason that wont work, i dont see the problem with Fat32 because how many files do you honestly have that are bigger than 4gb?

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