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The Professor

Some Old Guy Switches to Mac

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I've been working in the computer industry since 1978, when I was upgrading Teletype machines to 300 bit per second modems.

People were amazed that you could send data over a phone wire faster than they could type.


I started using home computers with the Atari 8 bit, then moved on to the Atari ST series. By 1986 I was hosting a BBS on an Atari.

Younger readers can Google 'BBS' for an historical reference.


Eventually I moved to that Other Operating System with great reluctance just because all other avenues seemed to dead-end.


I hated that Other Operating System from day one, I mean that I hated it with a passion. I hated it for its very poor quality, its complete lack of any kind of a security model, and for the fact that a TCP/IP stack was only added long after it was already not fit for connection to a network. And the rebooting, the constant rebooting, the change a freakin' option and then the rebooting. Hateses it!


I tried to escape with various Linux distributions, and used Mandrake, SuSE, Xandros and Dead Rat for a while, but my dependence on high end applications kept bringing me back to that Other Operating System. Mind you that Linux is an excellent OS, but the important applications that I use professionally just were not available under Linux. Reluctantly I kept sending my dollars to Redmond.


Finally in May of this year my partner gave me a Mac Mini as a birthday gift. I was thrilled after my first half hour. Not only is everything I need to use available for OS X, in many cases the applications I use now are far superior to the ones I used under that Other Operating System. For example, I think that Safari is the best web browser I've used, although Firefox is certainly very good.


Not long after getting the Mac Mini I decided to jump in with both feet and bought a Power Mac with dual G5 CPUs. I now use it exclusively to work on my large number of websites and my enormous photo collection. It is far superior to any PC I've built or used.


Soon I was disassembling my collection of PCs, using the hard drives in external firewire enclosures to back up my Mac Mini and Power Mac, and selling off the faster PCs. There are 4 or 5 unloved, unused PCs sitting in a corner of my home office even now.


Among my collection of websites are a number of virtual stores that are Amazon Associate stores. Since switching to the Mac i've repurposed 1 as a Apple Computer niche store, and then created another just for Apple stuff too (penguin64.com and osxmart.com). Obviously I use my Power Mac to do all my web design now.


But there was still one nagging switcher issue that was bothering me. I had no portable Apple computer. My son, who may possibly hate that Other Operating System even more than I do, only made it worse by buying a PowerBook for himself. Now he Skypes me with his PowerBook and tells me how pleased he is with it, and how he never even turns on his other notebook that is infested with that Other Operating System. He's a good kid and a brilliant programmer, but how can I let him have the upper hand?


So this morning I took what I think was the last step in my switch to OS X, I ordered a 15" PowerBook for myself. That ought to teach that punk kid!


I like OS X so much that I now have TWO stores that sell it and the excellent hardware it runs on.

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A great story; very much captures the relationship I and many other people have (had) with their computers. I am so happy you finally have a Powerbook on the way; I have an old revision 15" 1.67 and can promise you that you won't regret it.

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Sounds just like me.


In fact the only thing I regret about moving to Mac is not being able to use my Courier v.Everything modems, oh and console into my routers. Can i get a serial/usb adapter that works with OSX?

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