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5 Step process for no-hassle safe and secure OS updating.

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Here is what my Mac IT buddy suggests when updating your MAC OS:


1. Do not use the system update in 'System Preferences' Goto the Apple.com site and download the standalone version of Mac OS X 10.4.3 (Or whatever the current one is) and save it for step 4. Fix Permissions. Unplug all your extra drives and such.


2. Startup and Run DiskWarrior.


3. Restart, this time booting from your normal startup volume, while holding the "Shift" key to boot in Safe Mode.


4. Apply Mac OS X 10.4.3 (Or whatever the current one is) and restart when prompted, this time without holding the "Shift" key.


5. Again, repair permissions using Disk Utility.


This step by step process was given to me by Tony Knight, MAC IT specialist to the stars! ;-)




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This is basically the outline Adam gave in the 100th MacCast and what most members suggest to each other when there are issues. Rarely are there issues with the Software update and it's how many people find out about them. I hold to it being worth using until it doesn't work, then resorting to manual madness.


Additionally DiskWarrior isn't freeware, shareware or bundled with OS X, thus it's out of the price-range of many people. it is however something I intend on upgrading to soon as I have heard such great reports about it.


I'm not sure Safe Mode is really a requirement for small updates, again I would run it normally the first time and if I had problems I would follow the full procedure. I always "repair permission ssandwich" however.

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This process has been ran on all of my machines since the first incarnation of OSX and I haven't had any issues and I'd consider myself about as hardcore user wise as any garden variety mac user.


I have ran into issues when I've used the system update pref to upgrade an OS though and I know the local MAC store has ran into users who have had the same. I am still not sure why Apple doesn't make it the same exact download as the Apple.com site? Sure it's larger but it's consistantly proven to be far more reliable.


Who cares about dial up users, dial up is dead. Cater to the broadband users don't dumb it down.

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