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If you try a Mac, you will want one...

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Yesterday a few friends and I went to the Apple store. We stayed there for about 2 hours and watched a workshop, but mainly we tried out the computers.


My experience can be summed up in one sentence: Apple makes the finest computers I have ever used! The hardware is beautiful, the OS is extremely responsive, even on a Mac mini! The PowerMac G5 with the 30" cinema display was a joy to use. As a test of it's abilities to my not-so-faithful friend, I played two high-def video files at the same time and hit F9 to activate expose. When the videos kept playing, his jaw literally dropped!


What amazed us even more was playing a smaller HD video file on the Mac mini and having several apps open (iPhoto and Finder I believe) and using expose to see that the video kept playing smoothly.


We wasted quite a bit of time with Photobooth too...


I'll definately be getting a Mac come the Fall 06 semester. OSX blows Windows out of the water. Period.


So I'm not quite a switcher yet, but I'm very close.

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It brings a tear to my eye.

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