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A Safari crash work around to rescue broken .download files

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If, like me, you download a lot of files at once in a long queue with Safari, occasionally when Safari is trying to auto extract .zip's or .sit's or .dmg's (for example) in the background while continuing with existing downloads it can, rather annoyingly hang and become unresponsive - forcing you to abort and try again.


Sadly this means you are stuck with .download files that do not automatically resume when you re-launch Safari and short of using something like JIMZip to fix broken .zip's, as far as I know, there is no way to resume these files following a crash - at least not without using some third party Safari plug in.


I have, however, found a way to quickly begin downloading all the .download files again - which saves going into your history to find the exact web pages which contained the files you want and begining the download again, which can be time consuming if, like me, you browse a lot of different sites every day for content. (I'm a photographer as well as a musician so I collect both large sample libraries and high resolution .tiff stock photos as well)


Highlight all the .download files in the Finder and drag them into the empty Downloads window in Safari.


Highlight all the none responsive files with Apple + A and then Apple + C, to copy the list of files to the clipbaord.


Then right click and select Remove All from the context menu


Then Apple + V to paste the list back into the window.


This last action causes Safari to think again about whether or not the files are downloadable and on reflection it decides this time they are.


Naturally this means, as I say, starting all your downloads again - but since there does not appear to be any other resume solution out there as yet for Safari (in the event that Safari had crashed and there is no "roll back" plug in installed) this is at least a quick way of ensuring the files you want will eventually arrive.


I'd appreciate any information on what else can be done with broken .download files to rescue them, since starting a download which is large again isn't always desirable - for example in the event I have a broken download on a file I am fetching from my NNTP news server, that impacts my monthly bandwidth allowance quite heavily, so a nice fix would be number 1 on my feature requests list for the next version of Safari.



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