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Love it! Just some quick questions...

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I switched about a month ago, and for the most part, I am loving my mac experience. I bought a 15" and it's great! After so many years of windows use, it's nice to be able to enjoy using a computer again. I do have a few really easy questions (hopefully) that I've tried searching for with no joy. ](*,)


1. Is there a way to change the icon of a folder? It's really easy in Windows, and I'm sure previous Mac OS's used to support this?

2. Is there any easy way to get the size of some files in a directory? In Windows you just select them, right click and choose properties. I tried that on my mac and a million get info windows appeared!

3. Is there a way to create shortcuts on the desktop? Eg: to files or folders, without copying them from their locations. I know you can use the dock, and the left of the finder bar...but desktop ones would be nice.

4. Finally - in Windows when you drag a file around you can hold 'ctrl' or 'alt' depending on whether you would like to make a copy of it, or just a shortcut (with the default being move) - is there a way to do this on the Mac? Especially the drag and copy...can't seem to find it anywhere!


Anyway I love my Mac (and the Maccast) - so hopefully someone out there can help me out. If the gaming world ever comes to the Mac, I'll be ditching my PC desktop as well! :mrgreen:

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1. There is a program that will have to by to do this. You can do them by hand:


Here is a step-by-step guide for setting a folder icon:


1) Select a file or folder that has the icon you want to use.


2) Press Command-I to bring up the Inspector panel.


3) Click on the icon once. You should see a gray border around the icon.


4) Press Command-C to copy the icon. Do NOT close the inspector panel.


5) Select the file or folder that you want to customize.


6) Press Command-V to paste the icon.


That's it! If you don't see the icon immediately update, you may need to log out and back into Mac OS X for the change to take effect. There are also certain icons in the OS that cannot be changed.

But to change the lot at once try this program: http://www.iconfactory.com/ i used in the past it is is very good. + they have a huge library of icons! Think prog is called candybar.



2. i dont see the problem here. Select all the folders you want info on. Press command-i and you will get the size. If you want the size of day Documents. Click on home select the folder (highlighted) and press command-i and you will see the size.



3. yup. simply highlight your desired thing to be a shortcut. right click and choose "make alias" then drag that shotcut where you want it to be.


4. well the easy is edit->copy then edit->paste on the thing. or highlight the file/folder and do command-c then command-v


or to copy it you just select the file hold down alt and and drag and let go and it will copy it for ya.


any more questions give us a shout!

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Thanks for your response! I still don't get point 2 though. Let's say I have 20 files all of different sizes - and I want to get the total size of all of the files, not their individual sizes in 20 different panels. Is there an easy way to do this :?:

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well under Mac OS Tiger i just simply select the files press command-i and one info window opens up with the info. What version of OS X do you run?

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Select the files you want to check together (click on them while holding Command [Apple] or select the first one and then hold Shift and select the last one) and hit Command [Apple]+Option [Alt]+I; that should get the result you are looking for.

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