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FCP: Movie won't export as Anamorphic or 16:9

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Hi All.


I have been tasked to shoot and edit my brother-in-laws wedding video while the family and I were over in Britain this fall. Everything went well and I am now finished with the editing process using Final Cut Pro. The problem I am having is no matter which setting I choose under the export tab the final video is not in the 16:9 or anamorphic format which i shot it in making everyone look squeezed a bit.


The only thing I can add to help you all is that I have two clips from LiveType which are not in 16:9 ratio in the movie. Cant figure out how to convert them.


If anyone can help me with this I would be very grateful.



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Hi. good to see another fcp user here!


well... first, did you set the Sequence Settings to be the ratio that you want to export in? 16:9?


Also, if you're putting this back out onto DVD, you'll have to specify that on the DVD as well.


Reply back and tell me what you've got under the menu "Sequence" and then choose "Settings" and then what's in the Frame Size - Aspect Ratio menu?


I think i can help. I've worked in various sizes in FCP.

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