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using the eject key on my apple keyboard for 3rd party ....

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Hopefully this is posted in the right part of the forums- forgive me if not..


I have an apple quicksilver 867mhz G4 running 10.4.3 (640mb of RAM).. I have the standard apple keyboard that came w/ my system, and a few months ago, my superdrive , let's say, jammed... in short- it's dislodged/stuck inside the comptuer.. needless to say, the eject key will not work on it!.


I may eventually try to take the drive out and repair/replace it.. in the meantime thoguh, I have a LaCie 16x DVD+/-R burner that's great and has been my primary burner for a while (since the superdrive stopped reading DVD's in april)..


Is there a way to somehow change/assign the function of the eject key on the apple keyboard so that it will eject the external LaCie burner (listed as a firewire device, etc. in sys. profiler)? if not that, any way to set up a specific key command (say, f-8, or some combo of keystrokes)?


Thanks for any help



(email is in my profile, or you could PM me..)

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