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sharing music and photos between users without loggin in

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I think i heard correctly that there was a way or a piece of software that would allow me the admin on my 10.3.9 system to have a second account on my machine and have them access the photos and music through the one location. This would eliminate the need for the main account to always remain logged in to share, which is what i have done so far. I have two accounts one for my wife and I and the other for our children when we aren't around. it has limited access to the system , but i was hoping to allow them full access to my music and photos and allow them to add to the library as well. If anyone knows of this software approach i would love to hear from you. or if you think there is a way for me to do this being a bit of a novice i would also love to know how, I am sure i heard someone say something to this effect on the second to last podcast.

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You right click the folder that the stuff you want to share is, say an example music.


I would go to my music folder control click (right click) get info At the bottom is ownship & permisions. Then there is a details part with an arrow clickm that then you can control who can acess what through you. Though this does involve going ->

Macintosh hd -> your account. I haven't heard of a software solution

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