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Hi Guys!


Are there any strong opinions out there about podcasting software? I am using Podcaster RSS Buddy and was wondering if there is something more powerful, but still user friendly.


My podcast is 95ers on iTunes.





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I have been using Podcast Maker from www.potionfactory.com

and it is rock solid, and is the easiest Podcasting program I have used.


I tried several for the Mac, and none of them were as easy to get a grip of as this one.


It does regular podcasts, enhanced, and they are great with support.


I asked for a feature or two, and they were in the newest release!!


I tried out the 30 day version, and I couldn't go back to the hand tagging, so I gave them the $30 bucks and I feel it was definitely worth it.

It works great getting your feed together, shows a preview of how it will look in iTunes, supports SFTP, and more.


I am just waiting for them to add some Automater features, and then it will be even easier.

You can check out my podcast at www.mactipsdaily.com

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