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Using Canon's new WiFi Pixma in a mixed Mac/PC environment

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I have PC XP Desktop computers plugged into wireless routers at two locations, and I take my iBook between the two.


I have a Canon Pixma ip4000 at the first location and have learned (after much effort and correspondence with Canon) that despite the hype, the only way I can really print from the iBook to the printer is to unplug the printer from the PC and directly plug the iBook into the USB interface.


So I was about to order a ip5200 for location #2 and ready to do the same cable switching routine when I discovered the newer ip5200r which includes a 802.11 b/g interface for an additional $50. I wrote to Canon and they indicated that I'd be able to seamlessly print via the Wi-Fi connection from both my PC and iBook without doing the unplug/replug samba.


Does anyone have any experience with printing via Wi-Fi??


And in particular:


Will this solve the problem of having full access to the printer from both computers?


Will there be speed compromises in the printing speed by using Wi-Fi as opposed to the USB 2.0 connection??


Will I have to be careful not to send jobs from one computer before sending a print job from the other??



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I have some limited experience in printing with Wi-Fi, the lab I work at has a HP5800 wi-fi enabled printer (b only).


One irritating aspect is (and I suspect this is a HP driver problem) that I have to disconnect my ethernet in order to print (my net access is wired)


With queing, there shouldn't be a problem, despite the mixed XP/OSX enviroment, everyone is able to print from it, and it ques the jobs well.


Wi-Fi printing is definately slower than wired printing - though might only apply for documents with a lot of graphics or photos. For drafts, or text documents, I find little/no difference.


Hopefully by Dec 12, I'd have my IP5200R and would be able to give feedback on it (awaiting order from apple....)

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