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1 iPod, 1 Mac, and 2 PC's

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I really really need some help.


PROBLEM: Keeping my iTunes podcast subscriptions in sync across multiple computers.


Home: 1 PC, 1 Mac Powerbook

Work: 1 PC


Currently my PowerBook handles all my iTunes podcasts, but if I ever want to plug-in my iPod to either of my PCs, I have to use "Manual Updating" otherwise, the Auto-Updating will wipe out all my podcasts, and reset all my playcounts for the podcasts.


I have smart playlists setup so I can easily identify which podcasts I've already listened to in one list.


How do I go about setting this up so I can plug my iPod into any of my machines, but always keep the podcasts subscriptions in sync? This would be akin to PDA syncing on multiple computers. That process is usually intelligent enough to know when/where the latest update occured, and would dispense the new update accordingly.


Would I have to abandon iTunes, and perhaps use Juice? I'm really not sure.


Please help.


- Joe

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Well Joe, unfortunately, in order ot keep your podcasts in sync, you must have uutomatic updating on, and the only way to prevent this from erasing music is to have the same music and podcasts subscriptions on all your computers. Looks like you're gonna have to use Juice or another third-party method of doing this.

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