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I love the Mac, but I hate the Finder

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I've been a Windows user for the past 15 years, but I recently purchased my first brand new PowerBook (right before the last update tho. *shakes first*)


And I have to admit, Mac OS X is so beautiful. I love how it makes "Life" tasks so easy. iCal, iSync, iPhoto, Application installation. It's great.


I'm a web developer so I've always maintained that Windows is better for web development.


However I was finally drawn to the Mac OS platform by many development videos I've been seeing accomplished on Mac OS. Especially Ruby on Rails videos.


But as much as I love my new Mac, I find the Finder extremely frustrating. It takes so long to navigate to a file as opposed to windows, where I'm able to instantly type in a filepath and get to where I want to be.


With Mac, I either have to wait for spotlight (I know it doesn't take too long), or open Finder and painfully navigate slowly to where I want to be.


And copying files is very painful too, I'm used to the explorer tree on the left pane, but the Finder doesn't really have that, and dragging files up so the pane scrolls to right place is extremely frustrating.


So again, while I love my Mac, I'm 1000% more efficient on my Windows box.


I know much of this is attributed to time, I mean you can't compare 15 years to 3 months, but I need help being more productive on my Mac so I can feel comfortable doing all my development on it.


Any tips or tricks that can help me out?




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I am a recent switcher as well.


I actually found it easier to locate a file in Finder compare to Windows Explorer.




Hope that helps!

(LaunchBar is a must-have, I agree.)

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Ah, I'll try that shortcut key. Thanks!


I've been using Quicksilver and it is pretty slick indeed. Haven't tried out LaunchBar yet, any place I can see a good review for it?

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there is a good review of LaunchBar on a video podcast from MacTV. It can be found on ITMS and it has loads of great stuff all todo with Apple and MS bashing.

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