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Hello everyone,


Sorry to make this post a little long, basically I wanted to share with everyone that spymac.com has a FREE email service that you can setup with mail.app besides that, their tech support works with iChat. Interested? Then read my testimonial.



I would like to leave everyone here a short review of spymac.com, the website, but mostly their email services.


Not only is spymac.com a great site to visit but their email services are great! Best of all it can be easily setup to run on mail.app – a real plus.


I am leaving this review after my wife, who has a spymac.com account, was experiencing difficulties. To make a long story short, we sent techsupport an email via spymac's web interface, much like yahoo's online email and within 24 hours we received an email.


I think the greatest thing however Spymac's tech support sent us their ichat address. Within 15 minutes I got my wife's email working again.


I don't know any other email provider supporting iChat for their tech supporters. Honestly, I was very impressed and highly recommend spymac.com. I am giving a 5 star rating for spymac.com and their excellent email support.


Not too long ago, a bunch of us were suffering the gmail blues, many of us were locked out of our gmail (via mail.app) and this caused quite a bit of confusion and frustration. Given the size of google I doubt they could provide an iChat tech support. Nonetheless, it goes to show that spymac.com is obviously think about their mac customers, after all it is called spymac.com for a reason.


Anyway, I invite you to visit http://www.spymac.com and sign up for a FREE spymac.com account. You can even take a tour first.


Congratulations Spymac for a wonderful job, keep up the great work and thank you Dan (at spymac's iChat tech support) for your help!

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I'd been registered on spymac.com for probably two years. I used to use it mostly for feeds, but now that is taken care of without spymac. I admit, it's a nice site, with a lot of resources and a large community. I personally have never taken advantage of the free gigabyte of email because I didn't really need an extra email account, but it was one of the first sites offering that much storage for free. So, sure. Check it out, and let us know your opinions.

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It is a website to know, a good alternative to .mac even though I sometimes experienced some crashes. Still, the premium membership is MUCH less expansive than .mac for a lot more space. Check it out.

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