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King Kong

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The movie:

Starts slow... once it gets into the action its pretty sweet. He starts breaking T-rex jaws and crap. After that it's all down hill. Thats about it. Hehe

I give it a B

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It was different primarily in the main female charater I thought. The one in new movie liked the ape. The old one screamed a lot.


I only saw the end of the old version. But yeah it's hard to compare them. One is a classic, the other is an amazing special effects film.


I think of the new one paying tribute to the old, which is what peter jackson intended.

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how does it compare to the original


I listened to this review on NPR; it does a good job of comparing the original and the current versions.


I looked for the audio on NPR but didn't find it. Here's the link to the exact text of the review.






(I'd tell you my opinion, but I haven't seen it.)

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