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Top 10 Reasons to Switch

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Just got my new gorgeous macbook pro about two weeks ago. I have never owned a mac before, though I have been a serious macgeek for almost two years... Heres my 10 reasons:


1. Design. Every mac is a design wonder

2. Mac OS. Many times better than Windows XP.

3. You'll love all the features in Mac OS X... Personaly, I fell in love with dashboard, exposé at first sight.

4. It works out of the box... You don't have to mount or install anything

5. Everything looks smoother. The text is antialiased in such a nice way.

6. The fact that applications doesn't embed in the OS itself. Installing and uninstalling have never been more simple.

7. A good bunch of applications is available such as Firefox, iTunes, iPhoto, Microsoft Office and such.

8. Frontrow - you can control all your media from your bed

9. The Aqua-interface in Mac OS X

10. The finder and the spotlight is nice for finding just about anything in your system


That was my 10 reasons.

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This is a topic started to merge entries from a contest we did way back when. Post your top 10 reasons to switch from PC to Mac here.

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0. Seamless integration

1. Free dictionary in Tiger

2. More free apps from 3rd party developers

3. 3rd party Mac apps are better designed than 3rd party Windows apps

4. Naming scheme sounds more natural (no retarded names like Windows Mail, Windows Media Player)

5. Much better UI & icons

6. Everything is more creative (ex: dock, drawers, close/minimize/zoom forms a stoplight)

7. Little marketshare = less bugwriters = less trouble

8. Comes from a company that does it all

9. Drag & drop for most application installations


Although there are no crashes, there are some things called kernel panics...


Also from Bertrand Serlet (WWDC 2006 Keynote):


10. No registry

11. No DLL Hell

12. No activation

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