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Help my Career?

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I need help with something I need for my work, and it's a strange request. I have the the unenviable task of asking people I know, who know me, but aren't "direct friends or family" what, if they could describe me, they would say. Be it a word, a sentence or a novel; what would you say about me?


I want to make this perfectly clear; it's not an egotistical boost, it's not a statement of self importance and I am not asking anyone to lie or make me feel better (or themselves for that matter). I am asking this question because I can't think of anyone else who fits the description above, but you guys have known me for a while. If this comes across in any way but a genuine plea for help then I will ask you to not to comment on this thread and instead PM me to let me know you feel this way. Should this happen I will happily ask for the thread to be removed and for things to be put straight as the administration decide appropriate.


Apologies for any inconvenience this thread may cause.

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You are a friendly, knowledgeable, technically skilled person who quickly grasps a new technical problem and helps others whenever possible.

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