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Windows Media Player for Mac

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I'm just curious and sorry if there have been other threads on this... but since many online streaming video feeds require Windows Media Player, it's kind of hard to avoid. Is it just me, or does the mac version absolutely suck? It skips around, freezes a lot, and you can't move ahead or back up without it freezing and having to start the video over. I never have this problem with QuickTime.

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I admit, I don't use it. Never have. That said I never wanted to thanks to reports lilke this and of course "other factors". I wanted to find a way to play these movies etc. through QuickTime, and it seems I found one.


Flip4Mac provide an add-on application called WMV Player which costs around $10 for the basic version. This allows you to play WMV files in QuickTime seemlessly, as if they were *.mov files. Better still it works so well with streamed media as well as local media that you won't even notice it's working.


It's definately worth the money to me and will save you an awful lot of hasstle. (Remember though, WMV files arn't the best format and can be a pain with functions such as scrubbing anyway).

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