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First off, the voice in the videos is not a marketting guy, he's the Windows Vista Product Manager.


I watched all three video this guy has made and don't think he's comparing anything of value....


First, fresh user interface is not OSX the finder has been the same for a long long time. I didn't see any glass either, or transperencies. Command-Tab shown is exactly like Atl-Tab in windows XP, except you can't click in XP (which I never found to be usful anyway), and the Windows Alt-Tab was copied by Apple...


Then he moves on to the new taskbay, and all they show us is the Dock, A the Dock isn't new, and Niether is the Taskbar. sure MS spiffed it up with moving video and screenshots, but it's about the same.


Apple stole Dashboard from Konfabulator they have no gripe there. Not to mention MS "Gadget" is different. not the same concept as a Konfabulator widget.


I also noticed he didn't make the widget permanent like the guy did in the Vista demo.


I am disappointed in you Adam, I thought you were a little more unbiased then it turns out you are, I couldn't believe you'd fall back on the Apple Propaghanda saying MS stole from Apple...

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