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Playing iTunes while switching users

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I'd love someone's help with this. Under OS X 10.3, I used to be able to play music in one user, then switch users (without logging out of the first user) and the music would continue playing in the new user. This was really handy for me because I have one user for me and my partner's music and other users for doing work etc.


With 10.4, this feature/bug (not sure which Apple considers it to be) was removed. Now, when I switch users the music stops playing.


Any ideas on how I can return to the 10.3 setup?

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I noticed this, too. While I don't know how to get back without reverting in OS, I have a workaround. I enable sharing in the Preferences so that the music is available to all users on the machine. You can play the same music, it just doesn't continue to play once switched. It does come back on where you left off when switching back.

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