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college and buying the macbook

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Hey all, I'm getting ready for my freshman year at college, (looking like at Wayne State Nebraska now) and I'm wondering if there any tips on how to pay for a macbook. Due to state laws, the bank I'm with (Wells Fargo) will only regard me as an adult at 19. Also, I'm planning on taking a job before I move in to the dorm and possibly during. However, that money will more than likly be used for a car. I've thought about the monthly bill pay plan that apple.com offers, but I don't know if I can do that or not.


Thanks for helping me make the right switch!

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Credit wise, it's not worth buying any computer on a payment plan, especially a credit card. By the time you're finished with the payments, you'll want a new one. (However, you will own it, which isn't the case with a lease.)


If you can find a website that will lease you a MacBook at a smaller cost than the loan, you might want to consider it, but only if it saves you money in terms of time and payments. (Remember, you don't own anything if you lease it. This can be good if the computer is damaged.)


I know it's not much help, but it's all I have to offer. sorry.



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If you are in college ask if the school budgets any student financial aid money for a computer. Many do. That way if you are going to use a loan to pay for the computer at least it is could be part of a very low interested and possibly subsidized student loan.


If you are only 18 it is likely you haven't had time to build a high credit score so the interest you are likely to pay through Apple.com will probably be higher than the "per-month" payment price you see on their site. It might say "as low as $47 per month" but you could end up paying twice that or more.


Also - if it is for college an iBook or the inevitable MacBook (not pro) will probably server your needs just as well for a lot less (unless you are learning graphic design or some other resource intensive field of study that could necessitate a more powerful computer, in which case you probably don't want a laptop anyway).

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