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OpenOSX Wintel 2.0

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Hi Adam,

You mentioned Wintel 2.0 from OpenOSX in your last show...

I have found some articles about their claims beeing able to run Wintel Apps on Mac OS X for Intel CPUs with almost native speeds, but:

I also found many articles around the web where people told the followong complains about OpenOSX:

1. They only sell OpenSource Software that the OpenSource community developed,

2. They don't seem to be able to ship Wintel 2.0, there are some people telling they already ordered and paid for Wintel 2.0 and OpenOSX just doesn't deliver anything.

3. Some people call Wintel 2.0 vapourware as OpenOSX didn't prove their claims!


So can anybody tell what's true and what's untrue?

Does anybody know if Wintel 2.0 really works and is deliverable?

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It seems like OpenOSX has released a new version and they are beginning to actually ship "their" OpenSource Software...

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