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The new Intel Macs!



Intel-based Macs: Rosetta (#3): Application compatibility listings; Java applications a sore spot; more

We continue to track compatibility status for PowerPC-coded applications under Rosetta on newly arrived Intel-based Macs.


Java applications a sore spot One of the largest segments of applications that will fail to run under Rosetta on Intel-based Macs are those that are Java-based.


While pure Java applications require no code changes to run on Intel-based Macs, those with JNI Libraries (built for PowerPC-based Macs) are not loaded under Rosetta because the Java Virtual Machine has already launched without Rosetta. Hence, Java applications fail on Intel-based Macs when trying to load PowerPC-only binaries.


Unfortunately, many popular applications include JNI libraries.


Included among these are several peer-to-peer filesharing programs like LimeWire, and various other applications like the Encyclopedia Britannica, which gives an error on launch.


Other peer-to-peer applications' compatibility status are as follows:


Azureus - Crashes on Load

Limewire - Crashes on Load

BitTorrent - Works

Tomato Torrent works

Acquistion Works

Phex - Works

Poisoned - Works

Getting non-native Preference panes to run As we previously noted, preference panes with PowerPC-code cannot run on Intel-based Macs, as the System Preferences application launches (by default) in Intel-mode.


You can, however, force the System Preferences application to run under Rosetta (navigate to /Applications, click on the System Preferences icon, go to Get Info and check "Run with Rosetta") in order to access such Preference panes on your Intel-based Mac.


MacFixIt reader Stéphane has put this workaround into practice, and notes:


"In this case, the native will not run any more, but it's a workaround. You can probably make a copy of the 'System Preferences' application, for PPC Prefpanes only; and leave the original for the native ones."


Disk Utilities Several popular disk utilities, including:



TechTool Pro 4


do not function properly with Intel-based Macs.


Contextual menus Third-party contextual Menus don't seem to work on Intel-based Macs.


MacFixIt reader Jean-François Martineau writes:


"All my 'old' Contextual Menus are out of commission. But QuickAccess is now in a Universal Binary version (1.7), which works."


Cisco VPN client -- incompatible One reader writes:


"I have made several attempts to get the VPN client for Tiger to work on the the Intel Box. I do not believe that it is going to happen. When Tiger was released it took Cisco weeks to deliver a Tiger compatible application, I hope that is not the case this time."


Flip4Mac -- incompatible The set of Windows Media components for QuickTime does not function properly under Rosetta.


LiveStage Pro -- incompatible This application causes a kernel panic when launched on Intel-based Macs.


Paul Suszynski writes:


"Tottallyhip.com has told me they are working on a temp fix and have long range plans to release the program in Universal binary."


Games A few readers have reported that the Sims 2 outputs no sound when run under Rosetta.


Other games' status are as follows:


Doom3 - Works in 640X480 and 800X600 Slightly jerky

Homeworld 2 - Works

Nanosaur 2 - Works

Warcraft III Reign of Chaos - Works

Warcraft III - Frozen Throne - Works

Route66 -- incompatible The mapping software does not function properly under Rosetta.


TransparentDock -- incompatible The dock modification software does not function properly -- likely because the Dock itself is running with native code.


Norton AntiVirus -- problems The virus scanning software seems to work, but it uses default preferences only and Live Update will not function.


Palm Desktop -- compatible MacFixIt reader Art McPherson writes:


"Something that does work, although I didn't expect it to: HotSync


Miscellaneous applications


Firefox - Works

Flashplayer - Does Not Work in Safari but does work in Firefox

Photoshop 7 - Works

Photoshop CS - Works

AppleWorks 6.29 - Works

Aqua Data Studio - Works

Microsoft Office 2004 - Works

Pacifist - Works

OSXplanet - Works

Stuffit 10 - Works

Unison - Works

MactheRipper - Works

Iterm - Works

File Maker Pro 7 - Works

Adium - Works (Universal Binary in beta now - Works)

Apple pro applications Although Apple said many of its pro applications would not function properly with Intel-based Macs, Soundtrack and Live Type both appear compatible.

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