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Well here is a VERY rough copy of my website and Podcast!

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I'm getting ready to drop a LOAD of info on you.


But for now I just want you to know that I enjoyed hearing your voice. It' s so much fun seeing someone's picture than finally hearing their voice. Hey that was quick! Dang the iLife tools really seem to help getting a completed project up and running on the web.



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Oh man! I just finished writing a super long post about microphones then I read in another post that you bought the Logitech mic over lunch. Sigh!!!! You will understand when you see what I wrote. Or I should say how much I wrote. Maybe someone will find it interesting and useful. If not I guess we can just laugh at it.


What's really funny is that I am not even finished yet. I still want to record and upload samples and demos. Sigh!!!! Oh well. :?



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Oh I forgot to tell you that I like your help desk idea. The sound really wasn't that bad. As far as the fan noise, that is not life or death either. We used to play ticker noise as a sound bed for the local news here in the SF Bay Area. So a little background noise is no big thing. Just as long as it is motivated and not competing with your voice.


Anyway here is my dang mic comments I wrote earlier today....



I know this is TMI. I just got carried away again.


Ok lets talk a bit about sound quality. Your sound quality wasn't really bad. It just depends on what your want.


What kind of quality are you looking for?

Do you want that Adam Curry sound.

Or just want a clean full frequency representation of your voice.

Do you care about room noise.

Do you mind being confined to a single position or do you want to move about.

Are you willing to invest at least $150.


These are all important questions. to answer. In my opinion good full frequency sound starts at $150. If you don't want to spend that much than you may have to accept "poor quality sound". Listen to the Logitech review on the eMacCasst 01.12.2006. If your satisfied with the Logitech sound quality then GREAT buy that usb mic and your done.


The next easiest step is to get the Samson CO1U that Matt mentioned. That mic is available on eBay for only $80 (I'm revising my $150 starting point). So listen to Matt's podcast and Adam's CES podcast to see if you like that sound.


Now lets get to that $150 starting point I was talking about.

The BlueMic Snowball is not bad. Check out this guys review and sample. Now I have not read the review I just listened to the samples. I will check out his review after I recover from this post. Anyway the Snowball is also a USB mic. This is great if you want an easy setup. Now I think the sample sounds pretty good. But who knows what kind of processing is at work behind the scene. Not to say there is anything wrong with processing. That's what makes the world go around. More about that later. Anyway I saw the Snowball on eBay for $149.


Now if you want better quality and don't mind things getting a bit complicated then check out Adam's setup on his 11.22.05 show. Of course this kind of setup is going to cost you. My setup is a bit different. I use the Rode NTK and the Motu 828 firewire audio IO. The demo I am going to put up was done with my Audio Desk app. But all of the podcast that I have done do far were recoded and affected with the Amedeus app. Just so you know, my setup is cheap compared to real recording studio gear. In that world excellent mics start at $1000. And they are probably using at least $5000 worth of processing.


But it's all in the processing. As long as you capture full frequency sound you can do almost anything with it. Kinda like Photoshoping a picture. Think if it this way. You wouldn't take a thumbnail image and try to get a good quality 8 x 10 photo print from that right. No you would try to use the highest resolution image available to start.


Now the big secret.

If your looking for that beefy sound. You know, that warm resonant "Joe Announcer" kinda sound. You need a good mic, close proximity (or an ultra good mic), and good processing know how.


The Mic- The undisputed champion and best all purpose mic is the Shure SM58. If I didn't already have my beefy fat mic I would be using the SM58. Most real good mics have a 1" diaphragm. The SM58 has a 3/4" diaphragm. Economy mics have 1/2" diaphragm. Cheap mics not only have a small diaphragm but also are made of crappy material. Kinda like the difference between a nice copper pot (for cooking) or a cheap tin pot. The diaphragm is the element that picks up the sound vibrations. Its kinda like what the lens is to a camera. The lens on you cell phone is crap compared to a nice Nikon lens. Anyway if you want really good quality elements without spending too much money check out Rode Microphones.




Just added 01.27.06 The Headset Mic

If you want to be a bit mobile you should look into a good headset mic. Here is a great place to start. Check out the Shure WH30. You won't be disappointed.



Proximity- Basically you will have more sonic detail when your mouth is closer to the mic (I mean a good mic). The further you work from the mic the more the mic picks up other vibrations. For instance you will hear a greater ratio of your direct voice and your voice bouncing off other surfaces (reverb). Also when you work farther from the mic the ratio of other sounds in the room will be fairly high. If you want that boomy, fat sound than work closer to the mic.


Vocal resonance- Generally you can put your fingers on your vocal chords to find you power frequency. Now yawn using the Awhhh sound. Start high in pitch and smoothly work your way down to a low pitch. Where ever you feel the most vibration is your power resonance. This is where you should do most of your talking.


EQ- Generally good mics basically have a flat frequency response. In other words the mic is able to pick up all the frequencies at the same level (when the frequencies are projected from a curtain distance). This is a really good starting point. Now you would adjust your EQ controls to reduce unflattering frequencies and boost the atractive frequencies. That is basically it.


Dynamics- You will mostly need compression. There are three ways to use compression.

1. Use a device before the sound gets to your computer. This allows you to maximize the detail of your voice without overdriving or clipping (hitting RED).


2. Record at a lower level but use a compressor to kinda make the loud portions of the recording a similar level to the soft portions of the recording.


3. You can also use the compressor as an effect. Basically a higher (3 to 5 times) compression will give your that "Announcer" sound.


Enhancement- There are two basic enhancers people use.

1. BBE Sonic Maximizer

This is what I use. Generally this is suposed to align the sound so that your speakers

can efficiently reproduce the sound.

I have found that this will basically deliver your voice to the subwoofer and tweater better.


2. Aural Enhancer- I have never used it. But it is probably used on every high end recording artist.


When it comes to enhancement or effects like reverb a tiny bit goes a long way.


Now here are some examples. Think of it as facial make-up:

The Silly Mic and Processing Demo


Well thats it.




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wow! Thanks for the input! I ended up getting the logitec usb mic. It will have to do for now on my budget. Thanks! :D

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Got a new podcast in there i did this weekend

Let me know what you guys think! :D

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