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Some iWeb site help please.

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I am in the process of building a home page for the family using iWeb. Its looking nice, but the thing I just cant figure out is how to make multiple pages in each area and multiple or any photo albums in the photo section. I ave seen some people sites that do this so I know it can be done. The docs in iWeb are very lacking in this department.


Here is what I have so far. HOME - Photos - Sean - Hannah - Jennifer - Paul - Blog


What I want to do is in the PHOTO section have a thumbnail say "Trip to the moon" and when a user clicks it they are taken to the album of that and see all the pictures.


I also want the family members section to be able to have some multiple page stuff in them. So if my mother goes to Hanna's page she can click on some things and open a page to her stuff through that page.


I want to do all this without adding more links to the top menu bar on our site. I can get it working if I make a new photo page, but then that top bar looks bad and fills up with links. I am posting the site to my .mac acount and just using my domain to redirect to it.


take a look at http://www.rezendes.org for what i have so far. ANY HELP AT ALL WOULD BE HUGE!!! Thanks again.


-Paul R.

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I checked out your page and it looked to me like you already had it figured out...

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You can make any graphic or text a hyperlink to point to pages in your website, a file, an email address, or even an external url.


To create a hyperlink from a section of text or a graphic, Highlight the text or click on the graphic (the graphic will have a box around it) and open the inspector. One the inspector is open click on the link inspector tab, (it's the one farthest on the right). Once you have that tab open click the checkbox marked "enable as a hyperlink." Then you can choose where you want the hyperlink to point to with the "Link to:" drop down menu. There you will see options to link the item to one of your pages, a file, an external webpage or an email address. If you select one of your pages another drop down menu will appear with a list of pages that you have created in iWeb. Just select one of those pages and you should be good to go.


I hope this helps. Good luck!









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