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Mac Safe Sleep and other "new features"

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Using the webpage below (on the website listed below-- very nice for general Mac hacks), I managed to activate a nice little feature in Terminal called Hibernation or Safe Sleep. Aparently, this has been available since October on new computers, but the upgrade was not available on older computers as an upgrade or tweak. Why not? If it is a simple software thing that works on other computers, why not just give out the software? It's not like I am going to buy a new computer just so that it could Safe Sleep, especially since mine is just a few months too old... why will they not distribute the software when the code is clearly written in the OS... all it needs is a few simple lines as activation. It would take all of 3 seconds for a Mac official to post the UNIX commands on the Apple website. Why not?


Pretty soon we will be discovering the script needed to use the built in iSight that came with every computer less than a year old... it's not that bad, but why doesn't Apple tell us how to do these things? There are also some features that don't come with any computers, such as dimming hidden applications in the dock. Again, something that was built in, but not publicly advertised or anything. These are cool things to do, but it takes some searching to find them. Obviously, the tips pages below help, but shouldn't Apple do that?





Safe Sleep for older Macs: http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php?sto...051114072358161

Tiger tips page: http://www.macosxhints.com/tigertips.php


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