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Entertennet please check it out and tell us what like or not

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Hay I just have stared a new Blog with the iLife software. It's talk about Things that is happen in mac software and hardware. And some of my thoughts. If you would like it check it out it's at http://starlightmovie.org

You can send me feedback or things that I might want to blog about.

my email is camgangrel@cox.net or camgangrel@gmail.com .


I now have 2 friends that are going to blog also with so we have a new name it is Entertennet. I sill run The Cam Report talking about things in the Mac world. My other friends Josh know as The Super Bloger talk about Game and Game hardware and Jason He is The Movie Man he will talk about Movies and some TV shows. His Blog now and run no more pic.

The URL is http://starlightmovie.org.

Hope there hear some feedback from all of the maccast foums.

We really need to know what you think about the site and about are blogs. know it would help me out alot if I was to get some feedback on what you the readers want to see.

Thank you all for your time,



Will I have done some more work on the Blogs to make them ezer to look at and Have done some renameing. I have not heared from any of you as to what you think.

I know you may not want to send a email so I"m working on trying to set up a Forum kind like this one. I don't have any working links up just yet. I hope that maybe you guys would let me know if this might help you in leveing feedback for the site.


Ok I have update my blog. here is the RSS feed for it http://starlightmovie.org/The-Cam-Report/rss.xml if you want the feeds for Josh's blog AKA Super Blogger http://starlightmovie.org/The-Super-Bloger/rss.xml and for Jason's blog AKA Movie Man http://starlightmovie.org/The-Movie-Man/rss.xml

I hope you will keep up. Jason is going to trun in a report about one of the movies he has looked at this week. Josh is working on a head to head of the Superman games for the PS2 and Xbox, I can't want to see what he has. He is also working on a Report about what it will mean to gamers if Sony does not get the PS3 out soon. Oh I'm working on a forum for the site I'm still working on it. I'm hopeing to have it up by the end of next week.

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Will have now got working index homepage working at http://starlightmovie.org anyway now your brower should not do the 5 page jump that lot of you siad was happening. Just use the links at the top of the page to move from blog to blog.

anyway has been new posts put up to. Please check it out and if you find a part of the site not working right or Typos please emaul me at camgangrel@gmail.com and let me know. out in the subject line RE: Web Site. and it will get to me.

Thank you all for your time,


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