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Miglia AlchemyTV DVR

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When I purchased my 1.6 G5 a long time back now, one of the first things I did was look for a compatable G5 card for TV tuning.


When I stumbled across this, I was hesitant because of the cost, but I had a need to convert VHS to DVD, as well as how to use my computer as a DVR. Needless to say, this product does everything you could ask it to do. It even works in iMovie. Has 3rd party extensions available for post recording needs as well.


It uses all of the available Quicktime codecs, allows full control of picture and audio. This company offers a lot of different solutions, but I found this one to be the right one for me.


*TV/Antenna/Cable input

*Composite input

*Audio IN

*Svideo input

*Audio OUT

*IR Remote (very nice)


You can get a full description of this producs capabilities from this link




The only thing lacking is PCI-X support, but considering it works with some G4's and the "older" G5's, I give it a 4 **** out of 5 *****.

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Are you able to play video games on it? I have an El Gato and due to the compression lag you can't hook up say a Gamecube, wondering if you can on this card?



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yankee77, this is very good to know as a Miglia TV DVR came in my new (to me) PowerMac G5 and I haven't used it yet but I need to. Very good to hear it works with iMovie. Thank you.

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