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Which do you think is better?

Which app do you think is better?  

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    • iWeb
    • RapidWeaver

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Personally, I think RapidWeaver is on top right now!

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In all honesty, I haven't really used RadipWeaver; I have barely looked at it. From memory though it's much more advanced than iWeb. While it offers more options and so forth it's not for everyone. I am no web designer (to clarify, designer, not programmer or even master) and so I like the small amount of interaction I need with iWeb to achieve my goal.


I really think it depends on the demographic. As I said, this is all based on memory so if anyone would like to point me in a more accurate direction in my perception of RapidWeaver I would appreciate it.

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Matt. I think that maybe you should download the demo of Rapid Weaver. I personally like programming my own templates and using CMS systems (Like the one my site is built on) but RapidWeaver I think is a great tool for creating quick websites that are very professional looking. I like having the advanced options to change the templates design, layout, colors, etc. all with minimal to no programming required.


Plus, the backend coding of the HTML and CSS in RapidWeaver is TEN times better than iWeb (Mostly because it has been around longer) and its folder structure for published websites is easier to understand. Plus, it not only supports one-click publishing to .Mac but also to an FTP site of your choice (a great alternative if you don't want to shell out the 100 bucks for a .Mac account).


I mostly use RapidWeaver to create the help files for XCode applications because the OS X help viewer is nothing more than a simple web browser. Honestly though, I would download their demo and just look at it! I really think that if you saw what it can and does do you would see that iWeb has a ways to go!

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