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I dont know whether this is a repeat but hey what the heck.


Retrospect Express is no longer available commercially.

Express is sometimes delivered with DVD/CD-writers and some hard disks.

It comes as an OEM version and yes welcome it because it is very well in doing what it should do: create and restore a safe backup.





when using multiple external backup-media (dvd/cd/tape etc) you can put selected drives on ignore, so you can use them for listening to music and or view a film while retrospect (no matter what version) is doing its backuo work


to do that open Retrocpect and clivk the Configure tab then the devices tab

In that tab click check devices.

You can put selected drives to IGNORE


As addendum: Retrospect Backup as the basic product is called now can backup up to 100 clients in your network - not that you need that amount but it is worth while to consider it.

The server edition comes in pretty low priced and they all work like whoopie. AND NO I just USE the product I am a client of Dantz nothing more or less.


But a good product might get some credit!


so retrospect will not claim all available disks while doing its job.





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