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Dream Come True

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I finally become part of the family. Though Mac, "90's pink emac", was my child hood dream i could never bought in my country. Simply there are not many shops selling it yet and support is out of question at that time.


Once switched by purchasing the Powerbook G4, i faced some problems as i was really a novice to Mac OS and didn't know about most of the softwares but after using it for a month, i started hating my PC at work and the laptop at my home is waiting from last 5 months to get boot atleast once.

The most anoying thing at work is, i keep on taking my mouse pointer to down left and top left corner as if all window panes and Desktop will appear respectively as i set in my mac.


Every one gets issues with OS either Mac or PC but i feel Life is much better after i switched to Mac as except a few non apple software issues, i didn't faced much problem till now, Except i can not use it for my office work as The Biggest ERP of the world "SAP" does not have a dedicated Presentation software for Mac, though we have a work out for that too, but its sites just not support MAC OS for playing Presentation etc. I already raised the issu and they are working on it. SO may be no probs after their new release.


I was lucky enough to come to this country before Apple launched its Intel based Macbook pro so that i could buy the original Power PC range of powerbook as i just don't like Intel.

recently i visited an Apple reseller shop and also Apple store, Checked the performance on 17" i mac, i just felt that my G4 is running faster then those.

Ok, may be many of you do not agree with me but thats what my experience is.


And the best thing is.. I never heard any thing like PC podcast where they discuss all things Microsoft, but We do have Maccast from Adams where we discuss every thing Macintosh.


and last but not Least, i am going to buy a imac for my parents as they too are fedup of calling the service person more often for the PC back at home.

java script:emoticon(':lol:')


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