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Guide: PRAM, Repair Permissions & FSCK

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Zapping PRAM is simple, just reboot your Mac and hold down "Command(the Apple key)+Option(the Alt key)+P+R" while it is booting, when you hear the startup sound for the seond time the operation is complete, and you can release the key combination. Now just let your Mac boot as normal.


Repair Permissions (Properly)

Navigte to Applications > Utilities, and open up Disk Utility or Spotlight Disk Utility. Select the volume where your OS resides, and hit the Verify Disk Permissions button. When complete, hit the Repair Disk Permissions button. You are done.


Note that there are always some permissions which appear not to repair and repeatedly appear, but that's because they are "Special Permissions" and this is normal.


Also note that there is an ongoing debate that permisions are repaired "better" if you aren't using the volume that you are repairing permissions on when you do the repair. That is why they recommend the CD method (boot from the OS Install Disk and repair permissions from there). However, others have said that since new files are added and permissions might be adjusted by the OS version updates, repairing permissions without the CD is better, since these changes are not on the original install disc. I personally find it A-OK to repair from the volume you are using and have never had an issue. It's also much more convenient.


Running FSCK

Restart your Mac holding down "Command(the Apple key)+S" key to enter Single user mode. Type fsck -f, and hit Return (Enter). Once complete type reboot and hit Return (Enter) to reboot you Mac back in to OS X as normal.


[Further Information: Repairing Permissions, OSX: Understanding RAM and System Memory]

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thanks for this.


My bro's ibook is playing up with the quicktime so i suggested repair permissions to him, he didnt know what it was. So ill give it a go when i get home today.


kas :)

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