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Vertical column like text selections? Used for what?

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Today, while on the forum I called up the mini dictionary using Command (Apple key) CTRL D, that's the letter D to define a word.


Well I inadvertently pressed Command ALT D. If you notice, the key combo Command CTRL (two keys) brings up a cross-hair ONLY while your pointer is rolling over an editable text field. Now, I haven't tried this to any great extent outside Safari in the maccast forum while posting/editing messages so I am not sure what this is all about.


With that being said and knowing how to access that cross-hair, which only becomes visible when your mouse rolls over an editable text field and whose application I'm unsure of, makes selections in a vertical column like fashion.


I'm not sure what the motive behind making such a selection is, perhaps someone does. I'm stumped here.


I copied a selection of text made through this routine and pasted it to an untitled folder yielding an error.


Personally, this appears to have no practical means whatsoever, but should someone know a little more it would be interesting if you could let us know the source of this otherwise unknown implementation.


It's just sort quirky, small, harmless and rather meaningless for now, at least to me. Perhaps if you are a writer or avant garde poet, you may have a nifty tool to make odd selections to apply text styles to.


Any ideas otherwise?


a se


ly, th

e kno

f this



The above is from selected portion of text pasted from a said odd selection. It appears to retain the line breaks it was taken from just fine.

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