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The Professor

WTB: Used 19" rackmount server

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I'm interested in acquiring a 1U high 19" rack-mount server. One that runs Apple's own OS X server software might be OK, or else one that will support Linux or Solaris.


Don't even think about selling me a computer infested with Wormware, it would just be a waste of your time.


Cheapness would be a desirable quality.

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Have you had a look at ebay?

What do you what to use it for? web? SQL? file server? if you don't need much CPU power, a G4 Xserve may be the best option, assuming that you know OSX better than Linux.

What's you problem if the server has Windows on it? What ever OS is installed you'd do a fresh install of Linux (or OSX if a Mac) your self.

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I'm not so keen on eBay anymore, too much caveat emptor for my tastes.


I'd be using this for a webserver running Apache with MySQL and PHP.


Currently I'm running a 3.2GHz P4 with hyperthreading, but I need more disk space.


The reason for the reluctance around a server with Wormware already on it is that the hardware might possibly not be supported under Linux. I realize most hardware is supported, but some RAID chipsets might not be. Obviously I could and would format any server I might get and reload the OS.


I think a G4 might not be quite fast enough. I'd be running 24 instances of a shopping site that uses lots of CPU and RAM, about 13-19Mb per HTTP thread. Plus a few other sites with smaller resource requirements.


The idea I'm considering is rolling my own server and sending it to a colo. I might end up just upgrading my existing server though, as it's starting to look mighty expensive to go the colo route.

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