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Business Justification to switch needed

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Hi - I work in a training group and am being asked to create podcasts (normal and enhanced) and videocasts to make training available to our sales force while they are on the road.


I have a MacMini at home and have seen the benefits of the seamless integration of iLife and know that creating these will be much simpler and probably cheaper than on a windows platform, so I have asked to buy an iMac for work to do this, but I now have to justify to my IT department that I cannot do the same on Windows.


If anyone can help me out here with facts that prove that there is good reason to use an iMac either becaise the functionallity only exists on Mac or becaue I would have to spend more to get the same functionallity on Windows I would REALLY appreciat it.


many thanks ...

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I believe that displaying the "How to make a podcast" video podcast will help show off the seamless integration of the iLife suite. Another thing that might help would be showing off iWork and MS Office on a MAc to show that it is also versatile in creating hard copy and on-line documents for typical work. Other than that, all you need is charisma!

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