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Move over Rover and let Clover take over.

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1) While scrolling a text document, I discovered that one can accelerate the scrolling itself by holding the alt key.


2) This works about anywhere (any app that is). I'll outline it in steps.

a)For the sake of example, open TextEdit (applications folder)

b)Once open, go to the File menu and select Open

c) go the Finder, select any folder and drag and drop it into the TextEdit 'Open' window

d)You will notice a green plus sign appears before you drop, don't worry no copies will be made

e)If you have gone this far, you can let go of the mouse button and voila!


3)Did you know you can control apps while not switched to another app?

Hold down the Command key (Apple key) while in TextEdit for example and move an open Finder window around in the background, Use the minimize (yellow traffic light colored window button) while holding the command key. Have two finder windows open while in Safari and you can move files (one at a time) from one folder to an other without switching from Safari. If you take to long though, it will switch to the Finder.


Anyway, try holding the Command key while in another app to see what influence it has on a background app window, window item, or icon, you would be surprised at the possibilities. This opens up all sorts of neat window positioning that can be setup to facilitate manual routines and minimize switching. One more, you can resize windows belonging to another app while hold down the command key.


The clover is our friend!

That's all found for now.


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