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What is with my battery?

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on iBatt it says my battery has a capacity of65.293Ah!!! And the max internet Average is 4.523Ah. Can some one tell me what is going on. I need to use this battery for a little longer as of right now, I am using it without the battery so it woulnt blowup or something :cry:

Any help is appreciated,


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I don't know iBatt, but have you checked what System Profiler tells you?

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this is what apple sys. profiler says



Battery Power:

System Sleep Timer (Minutes): 10

Disk Sleep Timer (Minutes): 10

Display Sleep Timer (Minutes): 2

Automatic Restart On Power Loss: No

Wake On AC Change: No

Wake On Clamshell Open: Yes

Wake On Modem Ring: No

Display Sleep Uses Dim: Yes

Reduce Brightness: Yes


Battery Information:


Battery Installed: Yes

First low level warning: No

Full Charge Capacity (mAh): 65293

Remaining Capacity (mAh): 1590

Amperage (mA): 0

Voltage (mV): 16754

Cycle Count: 1024



Coconut battery

Current battery charge 1591mAh

Maximum battery charge: 65293mAh

Current battery capacity: 65293mAh

Original battery capacity 3200mAh

Battery-load cycles: 1024----I think this is why :shock:

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