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Bootcamp, good or bad?  

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I know this is a bit late, but oh well.

Personally, I think this is a step in the wrong direction.


If someone needs to run windows, they should get a windows machine. It is kind of cool that you can run windows on your mac, but that defeats the purpose of having a mac. Now people are just going to be buying macs to run windows because they look cooler. This is really dissapointing to me. Also, if PCs start running osx, why the hell would people pay so much for an apple computer? Bad move by apple IMO

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One thing here is that people that need to use Windows for one reason or another (and there are a few examples) can now do so without having to buy 2 computers or more likely buy the Windows machine and run out of money. Also, if you need a more powerful computer than a Mini and are a scared switcher, you will feel better knowing you can fall back on Windows without having to buy another computer.


Another point is that OS X wouldn't run well on a PC, it's designed for the hardware. That said, Windows is more hardware independent and therefore shouldn't have the issue. You also have the ideology of hardware that runs well with all the other hardware components. All the same reasons for having a Mac are there, you have just added functionality in a limited number of cases also.


That said, it is kinda scary to have Windows on a Mac. Overall I am not certain, but I think in some cases it's a great thing.

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I'm gonna have to go with I don't know because I really wnated it to work on my IMac G5 but it won't since it only works on an intel based mac.

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I think it's a great move by Apple. I just see the ability to run Windows on the Mac as providing more choice to the customer.


Although I think virtualization is the more interesting way to go. Having to reboot into Windows is a bit of a pain. I'd much rather open a Windows subsystem (like with Classic) and have OS X easily available and in control.


Ultimately virtualisation is where I'd like Windows to coexist with the Mac. Apart from running some games, or other resource hungry application's the dual boot option would then become less interesting.


Of course there is the "yuk" factor, that Boot Camp will allow people to buy Mac hardware and only run Windows on it, but really that's up to them.

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