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Will an NTSC DVD play on a G5?

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I'm in the UK and am busy trying to create a widescreen DVD in NTSC format for someone in the US, but after creating one, it doesn't seem to want to play in my DVD player on my G5. I made the movie in iDVD from iLife06.


Is this correct? I would have thought that my Mac would play either PAL or NTSC DVD's. Can anyone tell me if they can play both formats please?


I purchased some Fujifilm DVD's (-R) which are printable to write my movies onto.


Oddly enough I did also try writing a DVD in Toast Titanium 7 and got an error at the end which is shown here:




After buring to these discs, all I get is lots of spinning noises and nothing playing in the Player. I've got OSX 10.4.6 here and DVD Player 4.6.5


PAL created DVD's have always written fine to Panasonic -R disks incidentally.


Hope someone can help me out a bit here!



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Hi again


I've just this minute done a test and burnt two types of disc; the first was to that Fujifilm (printable) DVD-R disc I mentioned and also to a Panasonic -R 8x speed which says for General on the front.


Guess what..?


The Fujifilm disc doesn't play but the Panasonic one does!


So that's the answer to this problem.



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