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Mac Mini - DVI and Screen Res Problems

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I recently bought a Mac Mini Core Duo and on the whole I'm very impressed with it, however I have a couple of issues.


Question 1

I have a Iiyama ProLite E435S LCD and decided to hook the Mini up to this via the monitors DVI input (using a 1 - 1.5 meter cable I bought from Maplin) which would allow my PC to remain connected via VGA.


The problem being that when I connect the Mini via DVI I don't get a signal passing to the monitor (using VGA I have no issues).


Initially I thought there must be a problem with the LCD Monitor, but I've tried to connect the Mini to an HD LCD TV that I have (also via DVI) but get the same problem. Any thoughts?


Question 2

This brings me to my second question. Currently the Mini is connected to the HD LCD TV via a VGA Input but I am unable to set the resolution to match the native resolution of the TV 1366 x 768. Any ideas?

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have you tryed hooking up the dvi cord with another device not including the mini. it may be the cord.



i have had my mbp hooked up to my tv by vga and also was unable to get the right resolution on the tv. in my case it is a widescreen tv and it was only taking up the center square part.

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The only hardware I have that uses DVI is the Mini.


I did actually get it working (for a bit) on the LCD Monitor, but I had to carry out the following:


1. Turn on my PC, boot it up and log in to Windows XP

2. Turn on the Mini, boot it up and log in to OS X (blind)

3. Once both operating systems were up and logged in I had a certain level of success switching the monitor from input to input.


If I don't follow the above steps the Mini does not appear to pass a signal to my monitor.


I checked on-line and have found a few posts stating that the DVI output that the mini uses has quite a week signal and that this may be an issue. At the same time the cable I have is quite long but I don't want to buy another (shorter one) until I know it'll help.

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