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Everybody does them, well now it's our turn. Here are some of my "must-have" and apps for Mac OS X. Any more recommendations, please leave in a comment because I for one am always on the lookout.



Azureus: A great little BitTorrent client for video podcast download.

Camino: A good browser to check compatibility or for IE specific sites.

Chicken of the VNC: The VNC client for the Mac.

Cyberduck: My personal favorite FTP client for the Mac.

DropCopy: A tiny app which allows you to drag and drop to any folder on a network. Very handy.

Firefox: Everyone has to have Firefox, it's simply a must although I don't use it as a day to day browser.

Flock: Keep up to date with the people pushing browsers forward.

Teleport: Switch from Mac to Mac in a flash, a virtual KVM switch which works great.



NewsFire: If for some reason you don't like RSS in Safari then NewsFire is a great alternative.



AduimX: Multi protocol IM client that looks and works great. By far the best for Mac.

Chax: A must have add on for iChat, simply makes it better. Tabs, auto-accept... That isn't enough?

iGlasses: Make sure people can see you with the iSight enhancements this brings. Awesome software.

ShowMacster: If you video conference in iChat then you must have this software. There is a small fee ( US$20.08 ), but it's well worth it. Share movies, images, sound and even moving screen capture within your video conference.

X-Chat Aqua: The best IRC client I have found for the Mac.



DVD2One: A must if you want to compress DVD sizes.

Handbrake: Allows DVDs to be backed up as they should.

MacTheRipper: Allows DVDs to be backed up as they should.

MPEG Streamclip: Convert video codecs, very handy little tool.

RealPlayer: If you visit the BBC website, you can't live without this one.

Flip4Mac: Watch Windows Media files from within QuickTime.



Audacity: Open source recording and editing software.

Audio Hijack Pro: Get sound from any application or input easily.

iPodDisk: Copy music to your Mac, from your iPod.

iTunes-LAME: Allows you to play iTMS music on another device besides your Mac or iPod.

PearLyrics: No longer available through normal channels this widget displays lyrics for the playing track from iTunes or through Google.

Senuti: Another way to copy music to your Mac, from your iPod.

SizzlingKeys: Control iTunes anywhere, any time. Keyboard shortcut preference, simple but oh so effective.

SoundSource: Menu bar application which allows full control over your sound including inputs.



Xcode: Straight off your OSX disk Xcode can be a real help to non-developers with it's little add on features. I will write an article about this one day.



Character Widget: Access special characters (such as ? or ™) easily without having to remember the key combination.

Growl: Customizable alerts to build into anything and everything.

Mail.Appetizer: View your mail without ever checking it. Mail alerts done properly.

MenuMeters: Activity Monitor in your menu bar.

SnapzProX: Video screen capture at it's best on OS X. (US$29.99/69.99)

StuffIt: Essential for compressing and decompressing files when using e-mail or the internet.

SuperDuper: Backup program that can be used to sync. Works great and has an incremental setting.



BackLight: Predefined slideshows with Ken Burns effect or screensavers as your desktop.

DeskShade: Playing movies on your desktop, lock features and more as security measures.

MacTracker: Know all there is to know about any Mac ever!

Mouseposé: Highlight your cursor for people to see (show off in other words). Very useful for tutorials.

SnapShooter: Screenshots prettied up, very effective though.

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ecto - blogging application for Mac that works with Blogger, TypePad, Atom, MovableType, and MetaWeblog based blogs.



Video2Pod - great application to convert video files into iPod format. I believe they have renamed this to Video2Go, but the web site does not really say so.

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FlickrGet: If you have a bunch of Flickr photos you want to download then even Automator can be a pain. Make it easy with FlickrGet.

Kinkless GTD: Organize actions, control your life.



CoverFlow: View and play your iTunes albums by a very cool album cover viewer. Quite pointless eye candy that you won't be able to resist.

MultiAlarm: Alarm your portable Mac with motion sensitivity.

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Bits On Wheels: Fantasic OS X only Bit Torrent client with 3D packet views... very stable, and much more responsive than Azureus.



iSquint: Video conversion program. Very fast. Supports lots of formats, e.g. mov .mp4 .avi .dv .mpg .vob .3gp .asf .wmv .flv .m4v

Video Downloader: Not strictly a Mac application, but this allowes you to download videos from YouTube, Google, MySpace etc. from any web browser. Change the file extension to .flv and then use iSquint (above) to convert to MPEG4/h.264


Disk Utilities

Disk Inventory X: Disk Inventory X is a disk usage utility for Mac OS X 10.3 (and later). It shows the sizes of files and folders in a special graphical way. It's awesome. Check out this screenshot: http://www.derlien.com/files/screenshot_small

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Monolingual: Remove all languages you don't need from your computer, saving you a few GBs.


What Size: Check out which files and folders are taking up the most space on your hard drive.

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use this video player on PC, plays all kinds of formats on all kinds of platforms. THE player to have

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