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More Memory=Faster MBP

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So I've been running my MBP with 512mb of RAM and it has been fine so far. I purchased some Corsair Value Select ram (512mb) and installed it about 10 minutes ago. Up and running, anything under Rosetta runs like butter. Soooo snappy and fast. I didn't know that 512mb would make that much of a difference. Word is much more usable. With 3 dashboard widgets, iTunes, Safari, Mail, Quicktime, and Word open, I Still have 468mb of Free Memory remaining. Very nice!


Plus, I got a Logitech V270 Bluetooth mouse which is nice and I got a Timbuk2 Quilted Sleeve for my MBP and it fits like a glove. Both are excellent and I'm done with my spending spree.


But I suggest anyone with a Intel Mac: Get more RAM. Makes a HUGE difference.

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I'd have to agree that even a little more RAM makes all the difference with any Mac. I have personally found 768Mb in a PPC model the minimum usable amount with 1Gb recommended. It seems more is needed for an Intel model but that's possibly more related to Rosetta than anything. I guess time will tell.


Thanks for the info.

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