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Boot Camp was neat....but...

Do you still use Boot Camp?  

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    • Never did install/don't own an Intel Mac yet
    • Every day
    • Every week
    • Rarely
    • It was nice for the first few days, but OS X suits me just fine.

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I haven't felt the need to boot into Windows for any reason lately. Games are okay, but really, I have no need to use it. Anyone else realize this?

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Boot Camp was never the ideal Wormware solution for me. I only need to run the odd occasional Windows graphics program every once in a while, or an autorun menu generator.


If I wanted to play games or run other CPU and graphics intensive tasks then I'd probably use Boot Camp more often. But for me, the solution turned out to be Parallels Workstation. This lets you run Wormware as a client program inside OS X by way of virtualization instead of emulation. It's quite acceptable in terms of speed on my 2GHz Intel iMac.


Like you, I got Boot Camp setup and working and then maybe used it twice.


I do think Boot Camp will prove to be a clever move by Apple, and I can see it bringing in many fresh new switchers to the world's best operating system. Your opinions may vary.

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I don't have an intel Mac yet, but when I do, I will try both Boot Camp and Parallels booth..

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I have a macbookpro but didn't even bother installing bootcamp. I bought a mac so I wouldn't ever have to use windows, why would I install it on my mac?

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even if i had an intel mac i would have no interest in doing it.

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well I just installed boot camp, but I expect to use i at least oneth a month and a lot more in the fall, when "Setlers 2" - "Siedler 2" come o reinvented.


You may know it and you definetly do know if if you are from Germany, Austria or Switzerland.


Its a game that came out 10 years ago, then of course only ran on Windows 95 and had no multplayer support.


hey continued to make Settlers 3-5 but Settlers 2 remained the fans favourite.


So now Bluebyte he production company by now owned by Ubisoft announced something really cool:


They are rewriting the game so it can be played on new Hardware and software and it will also finally have a real Multiplaer mode (network play etc.)


I am really looking forward to this and will then probably use bootcamp at leas tonce a day once the game it out.


This is really awesome I have no been exited about a game since i was like 1998 or so :D.


Well and I also expect to use Windows once in a while to run Frontpage and some other old software I have that only runs on Windows.

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