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Sequence in Making the Switch!

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Well, I'm making the switch! I've ordered my new black MacBook! Unfortunately, I won't get it until July 12. Oh, the agony of waiting!


Anyway, as I prepare to make the switch, I'm doing a little research to make it easier. I've seen "Move2Mac" (www.detto.com) recommended by several sites. So, I was planning on ordering it and using it to transfer all may "stuff" from my PC to my Mac (except e-mail of course, but I'll do that when I sync Entourage with our company exchange server.). However, as I was checking on prices at Amazon, I ran across their reviews and their reviews absolutely trashed the product. So, I was wanting to get an opinion from the forum. Has anyone used "Move2Mac"? Any thoughts or opinions about it? I do have a wireless network set up at my house, so I don't think it would be too hard to move my stuff over that way. (I just transferred my wife to a new Dell Latitude X1 that way, so I’m familiar with the process, at least PC to PC.). So, which is better, a wireless network transfer or "Move2Mac"? I'd appreciate your recommendations.


One more question  … concerning “suggested sequence” – with my MacBook, I bought 2 GB of ram (third party) and I’ve already purchased the new version of Parallels. So, in what order should I do everything???? Do I install the new memory before I ever even turn on the MacBook. Or, should I turn it on and do the basic set up first, to see if everything works okay, and then install the memory? When should I install Windows, after installing the memory? Do I move over all my “stuff” on my PC after all this set up? What do you recommend?


BTW, I'd really appreciate a podcast (soon) on Makin' the Switch! :)




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I don't know why you should even bother buying software to make the PC -> Mac transition. There's absolutely no reason for duing that.


Regarding the memory installation: I'd turn on the Macbook first, just to make sure it's working in factory-new condition. Because if it doesn't work (though I hope it will) out of the box, it can't be your fault.

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I'm not sure what the point is of using a piece of software like that. It supposedly transfers settings as well as files, but why? Most Windows settings are irrelevant to the Mac except network/Internet settings, and OS X is easy enough to get set up on the network. As far as files, you can just turn on "Windows File Sharing" in the Mac's sharing preferences, then connect from the PC and dump your files in. Go back to the Mac and situate them where you want them, and you should be set.


As far as sequence, I second the idea that you should start it up and be sure it works before messing with anything. Maybe transfer your files at this point just to give the MacBook something to do and make sure everything is cool. Once you know it's not a lemon, go ahead and shut it down and do your memory upgrade. After that you'll be able to assign Windows a bigger chunk of RAM when Parallels asks you. That setting can always be changed later too.


The great thing about going to Mac is that this could be the last time you have to fool with this since a new Mac can basically clone another one's settings, applications, and user files with Apple's Migration Assistant. Only a few heavy duty apps have to be reinstalled after that.

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