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Renaming File Extensions, skipping the verify?

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Hi there,


I've been enjoying OS X for a while now, and since the very beginning have turned on "Show All File Extensions" in the Finder.


However, one thing I found a bit irritating was whenever I was renaming a file with a new file extension, it asks me to verify the change to something new, and the default button is to return to the previous name. (So it's not like I can just hit return and get on with my renaming)


Is there a way, (through a preference, hack, whatever) to disable this "confirmation?





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I respect your interest in seeing and using real file name extensions. Phooey on protecting the user from useful information!


I'm not aware of a way to do exactly what you ask, but you might enjoy a little shareware program I use to manipulate file names for my photo collection: A Better Finder Rename.


It features a very well designed user interface, and it is wicked fast at renaming hundreds of files.



I found this program by reading the OS X Downloads page on Macs Are Great!, one of the many websites in my extensive WWW collection.


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If you hit the tab key at this dialog box, it will save you a trip to the mouse. It would better if one could control>U, or it would be better if you do away with this w*ndowsish dialog altogether. Another suggestion for batch renaming is the automator. http://automator.us/examples-01.html. I'm not sure if you can hack around that dialog using Automator, but it's worth a try.

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I appreciate both of your responses, however I'm mostly dealing with quickly renaming one or 2 files, (such as from .jpeg to .jpg or from .txt to .css) I also develop a firefox extension, and this requires a lot of renaming .zips to .jar's and .xpi's.


I know that some features in Mac OS X there are buttons (Like the option key when emptying the trash) that will override the dialog, but it appears there is no key like this, and probably no "hidden preference" in a pref file somewhere. Thanks for your help!

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